SMS Authentification

SMS authentication is actually quite simple. After signing in, the user receives a text message with an SMS authentication code. All they need to do is enter that code on the app in question to gain access. You’ve probably experienced this yourself when logging in to Amazon, Facebook, Google, Twitter, and other services.

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Template features

With SMS Authentification you can

  • Generate random code
  • Send code to the entered phone number via SMS
  • Check entered code
  • Save user phone locally

What pages are included?

  • Welcome
  • Sign In
  • Home

SMS Authentification Structure

Customizing SMS Authentification template is easy, and you can do it without any coding knowledge. You can easily change the colors, images, and texts to match your brand identity and project requirements.

SMS Authentification project structure

SMS Authentification Data

Blog App template can be easily connected to an existing database such as Google Sheets, Firebase or Airtable. Users will be able to access and interact with the database data through the mobile app.

SMS Authentification data structure

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SMS Authentification template is compatible with iOS, Android, Windows and Mac, so you can create an app that works seamlessly across platforms.

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