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Event planning apps have transformed the industry as powerful tools for streamlining organizational processes. They have improved the quality of service and have helped attract a new audience. This was especially true during the pandemic when many events were either canceled or repeatedly postponed.

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How to Create an Event App for Free

Create an event app for Android or IOS with the Flipabit following these steps:

  1. Download the free Flipabit builder for Windows or Mac
  2. Choose a template or start your app from clean sheet.
  3. Change whatever you want. Add schedule, event calendar or program, connect data.
  4. Publish your mobile app to the Google Play and Apple App Stores and share it with the world.
  5. Grow Your Event App. You can add in-app payments or ads, a ticket ordering system, and other useful business development functions.

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Popular Apps for Events

The type of app you need depends on the scale of the event. From forums and global conferences to corporate parties and weddings - there’s an event app for every occasion.

Conferences and Trainings

This is a solution for event professionals who organize B2B and B2C events. In addition to basic features like a news feed, driving directions, and a scheduler, apps for conferences and large seminars allow you to sign up for specific talks and presentations.

Concerts, Exhibitions, Festivals

Creative event organizers can use these types of apps to maximize customer engagement. They require additional interaction like small games, quotes from speakers, photo contests, etc.

Multifunctional event platforms

Multifunctional platforms allow the organizer to manage several event projects at the same time, sell tickets, and engage the audience. These can be useful for event management companies, universities, or city administrations.

Sporting Events

These allow you to see statistics, schedules, and competitions. You can also buy tickets, watch recordings of past events or stream broadcasts in real time.

Party and Wedding Planning

Make a budget or shopping list, delegate tasks, and send out invitations. May contain tips for organizing a party of any size.

Local Events

Local event app developed for a specific locality. These can help you find current events taking place in your city or area, whether it's a fair, concert, or exhibition.

Charity Events

These apps are used for organizing auctions, collecting donations, and for various social activities. They facilitate safe money transfers in just a few clicks.

8 Features Your Event Mobile App Must Have

Ticket Sales

This function includes offer-filtering, secure payment processing, e-tickets, and name tag creation.

Announcements and Schedules

This allows users to stay informed about upcoming events and create personal schedules, which then helps them choose only the events that they really want to attend.

Event Registration

Online event registration means that your smartphone becomes your pass when you have the app installed. No need to carry an old-fashioned paper pass.


Users can quickly find and get to events. Integrated maps of the venue make it easier to navigate inside large confusing spaces and exhibition halls.

Push Notifications

Notifications help event participants stay informed about program changes, event dates and times, special offers, and more.

Live Chat

Through a built-in chat feature, participants can submit questions to speakers both during and after a conference, training, presentation, or seminar.

Event Feed

This is a news feed that downloads tagged posts from social media and allows users to see available events.


Using game mechanics and QR codes can increase event participants’ social activity.

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The Best Strategies to Monetize Your Event App

Paid App

You can develop a platform where users can create and promote their own events. It essentially functions like an event app builder. The paid feature will allow organizers to create their own event.

In-App Advertising

A good way to monetize free apps with large audiences. In this case, it’s important not to go overboard with the amount of advertising, because it can scare off many users.

Affiliate Marketing

You can integrate a food ordering or taxi button so members can get home without having to leave your app. Additionally, you may choose to collaborate with local entrepreneurs to receive a percentage of profits for each customer your app brings in.

Paid Registration or Ticket Sales

The app can generate income through ticket sales or paid registration for an event.

Statistics, Trends, and Data for the Events

Given that this is a niche market, you can focus on developing local products for specific cities, countries, and events, as well as for universal apps with unique functionality that the big competitors don’t have yet.

$16.71 billion

The event software market is expected to reach a value of USD 16.71 billion by 2026


Revenue for one of the most popular event apps in the third quarter of 2021


Developers were able to attract in investments in the first quarter of 2020


1. What is an event app?

An event app is a service for organizing and managing events by providing participants with necessary information and facilitating virtual participation in the event.

2. Why event mobile app is needed?

Event applications greatly simplify the work that organizers have to do while also helping guests get the most out of their visits to exhibitions, festivals, and sporting events.

3. What users will love about your event app?

Podcasts help users prepare for events, get familiar with the speakers, and relisten to speeches.

Add a list of speakers along with detailed information about them, including a brief biography, the name of their company, their position, and the topic of their presentation.

Live Broadcast can be a saving grace for those who bought a ticket or received an invitation, but for some reason couldn’t actually attend the event. It’s important to make sure that streaming quality doesn’t go down when a live broadcast has high viewership.

Companies and individual speakers can conduct online conferences and exhibitions of any size by using a mobile application. This has proved to be extremely important during pandemic conditions, when offline events are periodically canceled due to quarantine regulations.

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