What is Application Architecture

What is Application Architecture?

Application architecture refers to the patterns and methods used for designing and building a mobile application. The architecture gives you a roadmap and guidelines to follow while creating your app so that you end up with a well-structured product.

The Characteristics of Good App Architecture

An app with well-built architecture should:

  • Be efficient and perform its functions regardless of server load
  • Remain flexible and expandable so that features can be added as needed
  • Be easy to test, thereby increasing reliability and reducing the time it takes to test and implement new features
  • Be clear and structured so a large number of people can work on the same project, and beginners should immediately understand how the application works.

Types of Application Architecture

Mobile app architecture can vary in its implementation depending on the type of application:

An SPA or single page application loads all the information on one page. Users get a high-quality interface without congestion and unnecessary elements, as well as high download speeds.

An MPA or multi-page application is used when it is impossible to fit all the information on one page.

The architecture for microservices is based on a service-oriented approach. The application is made up of individual modules and services.

A serverless app does not have a remote database and is usually a utility such as a calculator.

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