What is a Developer Account and what is used for

What is a Developer Account and what is used for?

The last step in creating an application is to make it available to the target audience, which means putting it on Google Play and the App Store. To ensure that the customer retains the rights to manage assemblies, the application must be posted through a special developer account.

A developer account is an account on Google Play or the App Store that can be used to publish a mobile app and receive statistical data regarding how it is used.

A standard user account only lets you download apps, books, movies, and other content. It is not used for publishing programs. Creating a developer account means that you will be able to publish an app for consumption by a wider audience, receive feedback, and promote the product.

A developer page contains information about the brand and applications that have been published under it. Google Play requires the following information:

  • The name of the developer
  • A physical address
  • Advertising text
  • A logo and cover

When adding an app to the App Store, you will need to enter:

  • A name
  • A subheading
  • URL
  • App language and category
  • The price and countries where the app will be available
  • Whether you app has “In-App Purchases”
  • The app version
  • Screenshots and videos
  • Advertising copy, keywords, and a description
  • Contact information and footnotes

How to Create a Developer Account

To create a personal developer account on Google Play, you need to go to the “Google Play Console” page to register. You must sign in to an existing Google account or register a new account. Please note that the last name, first name and date of birth specified when registering an e-mail address must be the same as those listed in the document you provide later for identity verification.

Users can visit your developer's page on Google Play or use a special URL that you share with them.

Basic steps for registering on Google Play:

  1. To create a new account, visit https://play.google.com/console/u/0/signup and fill in all the fields. Then click “Next”.
  2. In the Developer Console, you must accept the terms of the agreement by clicking the appropriate checkbox.
  3. Pay for your Google Play account with a card.
  4. Carefully fill out the developer questionnaire. Pay particular attention to the “Name”, as that is what Google Play users will see.
  5. To complete the registration procedure, you must confirm your identity by sending a photo or a scanned version of an acceptable document.

After completing all the steps, allow some time for the data to be saved. The preview URL of your developer page will become available within an hour, and the page will appear on Google Play within a day. Changes made to a finished page take effect within an hour.

Registering a developer account in the App Store is much more difficult, as they place a much higher priority on user data security. To register, you will need an Apple device and an Apple ID.

  1. Follow the link https://developer.apple.com/ (you can use any device, but registration confirmation can only be completed on Apple products).
  2. In the Account tab, enter your Apple ID if you have one. If you don’t have one, you’ll need to create one.
  3. After entering your Apple ID, the Apple Developer Program will open, in which you can begin the registration process.
  4. Registration requires two-factor authentication. To enable it, on your Apple device, go to Settings → Password & Security → Enable Two-Factor Authentication.
  5. Next you will need to fill out the personal information section and indicate who you are (a company, an individual entrepreneur, etc.).
  6. Be sure to accept the user agreement.
  7. Make a payment for the developer account.
  8. Apple requires 2 days to verify the data and create the account, after which you will be able to upload apps.

How much does a developer account cost?

Apple’s App Store charges $99 per year for a developer account. We recommend having a separate card for these transactions. For Google Play, there is a one-time fee of $25. As with Apple, we advise against using a personal debit card.

What to Do After Creating a Developer Account

Once you’ve created your developer account, you need to publish your product. This will require additional information:

  • App ID. It’s customary to write the name of the site and the project in reverse order as the identifier. A dash/hyphen cannot be used in an application identifier. The identifier only affects what the URL will be in the browser bar on Google Play.
  • Name under the icon (no more than 12 characters, must be unique).
  • A 1024 x 1024 px icon, png format, no transparent layer.
  • A 2732 x 2732 px splash screen that appears when the app is launched.
  • A 1024 x 500 px image for the product description in Google Play.
  • A short description for Google Play up to 80 characters.
  • The full app description for AppStore/Google Play (up to 4000 characters).
  • Keywords for searching for the app, separated by commas and no more than 100 characters.
  • A helpdesk URL (usually a public Facebook group).
  • The name of the person or organization that owns the unique rights to the application.
  • Contact information for the inspectors, including first name, last name, phone number, and e-mail address.
  • Five 1242 x 2208 px app screenshots in JPG format.

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