What is Mac OS

What is Mac OS?

MacOS (Macintosh Operating System) is a family of proprietary operating systems from Apple Inc. They are designed specifically for the Macintosh line of personal computers. The Mac OS kernel is based on the Unix kernel, the forerunner of Linux, so Ubuntu users will find some similarities between these systems.

Modern versions of Mac OS are designed for use on the x86-x64 architecture, while earlier versions were only compatible with computers based on Motorola 68k processors. The first version of the system was released in 1984 with the Macintosh 128K personal computer.

The graphical user interface has become popular in modern operating systems largely thanks to the Mac OS. The operating system allowed users to control the computer using a computer mouse, and was also the first to use windows, folders and files to organize information.

Mac OS has many capabilities, for example:

  • It was created specifically for Mac hardware, allowing for the execution of more complex operations than were available on other computers.
  • Integration with iCloud allows the user to access any files stored on their Apple devices.
  • Mac OS on a computer can use all of the same features as an iPhone.

The Mac operating system has many useful and necessary programs installed by default. Some of them are installed on other Apple hardware such as smartphones, tablets, and smart watches. All of these devices can exchange information and data conveniently and quickly.

Mac OS even allows data to be received from another operating system. Users have no trouble working with the most common Windows programs like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, etc. Video viewing is also available in the required formats.

Advantages of Mac OS

  1. A Beautiful Graphic Skin and User-Friendly Interface. The system’s developers devised a well-thought-out design without overloading it with unnecessary special effects. With an emphasis on consistency, the controls have remained virtually unchanged since the release of Mac OS X. Installed applications are filed in the appropriate directory or the Launchpad aggregator, making them easier for the user to find.
  2. High Operating Speed. The fact that the operating system and hardware components are made in one place allows for maximum optimization and performance. The components are highly-compatible to avoid overheating issues. The main drivers for third-party equipment are also integrated into the operating system.
  3. Useful Built-In Programs. Mac OS comes pre-installed with a full office suite, including apps for working with video, graphics, and audio. All other applications can be downloaded from the Official App Store.
  4. Convenient Multitasking. Mac OS introduced many multitasking solutions that were later copied by other operating systems. The ability to create multiple desktops, special gestures using the mouse or touchpad for switching between tasks, and much more.
  5. Desktop and Mobile Integration. Switching between different Apple devices is easy and intuitive. A user can be working on something on their smartphone by launching the appropriate application, and later continue their progress through the same program installed on their Mac. This reduces the need for constant synchronization through a cable or moving documents in cloud storage. Synchronizing important information (user settings, phone book data, or messages) between an Apple computer and mobile device is much easier than between an Android device and a Windows computer.

Disadvantages of Mac OS

  1. Difficult to Upgrade Equipment. The operating system can only be purchased with Apple products, and the hardware IDs are stored in Mac OS. The system may not recognize certain components when they are replaced, and the computer will stop booting.
  2. A Limited Number of Games. Apple devices are not well-suited for use as gaming stations. Many models are equipped with weak graphic cards, and the App Store offers few games.
  3. Few Apps Compared to Windows. Mac OS is the second most popular operating system in the world after Windows. Despite the App Store having a large number of different programs, there are significantly fewer than are on Windows.
  4. Expensive Equipment. The operating system itself is free, but it only works on Apple equipment, which costs an order of magnitude more than similar computers from other brands. Many people prefer other Windows models simply because of the price tag on Mac hardware.

Mac OS Security

Anything a user does on a MacOS is reliably protected thanks to special levels of data protection and privacy. These features are available on every Apple device.

  • Privacy. The company’s stance is that only the rightful owner of a device has the right to use and manage their own personal data. When a user accesses the Internet, the Safari browser collects data about the sites they visit.
  • Security. Mac OS uses an advanced, high-quality security system that can protect its users from accidental data loss. Thanks to Gatekeeper, the user can safely download any application to their device.

However, Mac OS can also become infected with viruses, the number of which continues to grow each year. The operating system does not contain built-in antivirus protection, but a third-party application from a trusted source can be installed.

It is also important that users regularly update Mac OS and their installed programs, as well as back up their data.

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