What is app navigation

What is app navigation?

Navigation is how users interact with an app’s design and move from one interface item to another. It is the system by which a visitor determines where they are in the app, jumps to the second level of nesting screens, and searches for the information they want.

Why is app navigation important?

Navigation within an app should be convenient, otherwise you risk losing the user.

The better the navigation is implemented, the easier it is for the user to achieve their goals, leading to increased conversion rates. Poor navigation complicates interaction and reduces conversion.

Basic Types of App Navigation

Content-driven navigation is a design pattern that is used to smoothly transition between overview and drill-down states.

Popovers can help users learn details without changing their location in the user interface.

Slideouts, Sidebars, and Drawers help avoid information clutter on one screen.

A profile is needed for personalization and is widely used in social apps.

The bottom menu is the most common type of menu at the moment. It’s convenient, easy to read, and is described in both Android and iOS design guides.

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