What is user experience

What is user experience?

UX, which stands for user experience is the reactions and impressions that a user has in the process of using a product, receiving a service, or using an application. Simply put, it’s how the user interacts with the interface and how understandable and convenient the app is for them.

User experience includes the emotions, sensations, and experience that come from interacting with a product or service, the problems that the user encounters, and their physical and psychological reactions.

An app’s user experience is influenced by the design of its interface (colors, fonts, etc.), structure, functionality, content, and so on.

What is UX Design?

UX is the experience that a user gets while interacting with your product, while UX design is the process by which we define what that experience will be.

User Experience Design is a multi-faceted concept that includes many disciplines, among which are:

  • Interactive Design
  • Information Architecture
  • Visual Design
  • Usability
  • Human-Computer Interaction

How to Create Excellent UX

To account for user experience while developing your product or service, you must first study your target audience, put together a portrait of the user, and think over the various scenarios in which they will interact with the product. During the creation process, you can conduct A/B testing to get feedback. User surveys, analyzing support tickets, and collecting analytics (for example, google analytics) are also helpful.

UX vs UI

UX design is about how an interface works. UI design entails how the interface looks.

One cannot exist without the other. It’s hard to imagine developing an interface without thinking about how it will look, and vice versa, designing the UI without considering the UX.

UX vs Usability

User experience should not be confused with usability. Usability refers to the ease and accessibility of using a product as a characteristic, while UX refers to the experience of specific users interacting with it.

What knowledge is important for UX design?

Marketing. You have to be able to metaphorically paint a portrait of the target audience, come up with a unique selling proposition, and analyze your competitors.

Analytics. It’s important to be proficient in business task analysis methodologies and know how to map user pathways to achieve the goals of these tasks.

Psychology. It’s helpful to utilize user behavior patterns and principles of visual perception.

Technical knowledge. All work is done in computer programs. Nothing will work without them.

Personal experience. Extensive previous exposure to design principles will allow you to track modern visual trends and put them into practice.

Layout principles. Awareness of these is necessary for interacting with the layout designer when transferring the site to them.

UX Design Apps

These are applications for developing screens and component libraries, combos for creating illustrations and signs, as well as applications for creating 3D and animation.

  • Figma is an app for creating multi-screen systems.
  • Photoshop is software for creating collages, unique graphic movements and photo effects.
  • Procreate is an iPad app for creating cool illustrations quickly.
  • InVision Studio or ProtoPie, Principle, and After Effects are all animation programs.

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