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Start building apps

Explore the Flipabit platform and build your apps at no cost, using features from any plan. When you're ready, sign up for a plan and publish your apps to the rest of the world.


for everyone



  • Unlimited apps
  • Install to device
  • Community support
  • Flipabit splash screen


ready to publish

$28 / mo

billed yearly

  • Unlimited apps
  • 1 Published App
    Both on AppStore and Google Play
  • Developer support
  • Custom splash screen


for agencies

$180 / mo

billed yearly

  • Unlimited apps
  • Unlimited Published Apps
    Both on AppStore and Google Play
  • Priority support
  • Custom splash screen
  • Monetization
    In-app payments and Ads
  • Teams support
  • Live Update

Included in every plan

Unlimited icon  Unlimited Apps

There is no limit to the number of apps you can create.

Unlimited icon  Flipabit IDE

Full-featured IDE for Mac and Windows to create Android, iOS, Windows and Mac apps.

Unlimited icon  Companion App

Companion App is a testing utility to preview and share your app directly on device.

Unlimited icon  Access to Forum

The forum are the central hub of our community discussions and chatter.

Unlimited icon  Cloud Build

Flipabit Cloud Build makes it simple and easy to create and deploy native builds of your app.

Unlimited icon  Templates and Samples

Templates include essential project configuration and files that help you start creating your app quickly.

Frequently asked questions

Public and private sharing

Companion App is a testing utility to preview and share your app directly on device. With Personal account your apps are always public, with other accounts it can be also private.

Live Update service

Live Update service allows you to push updates to devices running your apps directly from the Flipabit Cloud, without having to go through the App Stores.

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes. There are no cancellation fees and you can cancel your app subscription at any time.

How do I pay?

You can pay using Paypal or credit card.

What is analytics?

You can use Google Analytics to track how users use your app. You need a Google account to use it.

Developer and business support

Each paid account comes with email support: - Developer support: < 48 hours - Business support: < 24 hours

Team support

Teams feature allows you to share projects with team members.

Do you have a specially-priced license for students or educators?

Discounted licenses are available with proof of academic status for students and educators.

How many machines can I install my copy of Flipabit on?

Every paid license allows a single person to use Flipabit on two machines.

Can I sell or transfer ownership of my license to another person?

No sorry, Flipabit licenses may not be sold and are otherwise non-transferable.